10 tips for using ChatGPT more effectively (as per ChatGPT)

  1. Be clear and concise: Good: What are the top three programming languages used in data science? Bad: Can you tell me about programming languages for data science?
  2. Use natural language: Good: What’s the best way to start learning Python? Bad: Please inform me of the optimal method to initiate studying Python.
  3. Provide context: Good: I’m planning a trip to New York City next month. Can you recommend some affordable hotels in Manhattan? Bad: Can you suggest hotels in New York?
  4. Ask follow-up questions: Good: What is the capital of France? ChatGPT: Paris. Follow-up: What is the population of Paris?
  5. Use specific keywords: Good: What are the benefits of a plant-based diet? Bad: Can you tell me about eating healthy?
  6. Be patient: Good: Can you explain how blockchain technology works? (Several seconds pass) ChatGPT: Blockchain technology is a decentralized, digital ledger that is used to record transactions across multiple computers.
  7. Verify answers: Good: What is the current population of Los Angeles? ChatGPT: The population of Los Angeles is approximately 3.8 million. (Verify the answer with a reputable source)
  8. Try different phrasings: Good: Can you explain the concept of deep learning? Bad: Please tell me about the neural network.
  9. Use the correct language: Good: Wie geht es dir? (in German) Bad: How are you doing?
  10. Keep it respectful: Good: Can you tell me about the history of Buddhism? Bad: Hey AI, tell me what’s up with the Buddha guy?